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Would you like to join our mission of planting the seeds for a better future for humankind? 

How do we do this, you ask……?……..
We send 
A Love Letter for the Grandchildren 
to Young Earthlings Everywhere with the message of the true sovereignty and power
that belongs to every human being on this planet.
It is a message of self responsibility that begins with learning to examine every thought that we think
because every thought is a seed that can become reality if it is given enough attention and energy. 
The world we see around us is the manifestation 
of the collective thinking of the population of the entire planet. 

So what have we been thinking? 

Back to the drawing board.  

Mama Blueberry shares ideas and suggestions that are meant to encourage Young Earthlings to write their own life.
Wisdom and things she wished she knew when she was a Young Earthling.  

Worldwide On Amazon and Kindle. 

Love from Mama Blueberry

The Project 

It's written into the songs: 
The Sun, Moon and Stars shine on us all just the same and 
our thoughts are like seeds so we have to focus on the ones that help us grow and let the less helpful thoughts go.   
Nature provides everything we need for our bodies, minds and spirits 
and we recognize that we are just as much a part of Nature as the bees, trees and seas.   
We sense that it is urgent that young Earthlings recognize that they are part of Nature too.   
It only takes open eyes to see that humans have made a mess of Mother Earth and the ever increasing population is going to continue to extract, use, pollute, poison, destroy the very home we and future Earthlings will need to live on to survive and thrive.   
Little Star, it's up to you, Your light, it must come shining through......  
It's the stories that we tell ourselves that tell us where we are going so 
we need to tell ourselves better stories if we ever want to see any evolution of our planetary consciousness.   
And it's going to be hard because there is just so much distraction in so many ways. 
Perhaps it begins with a thought such as this: 


We are all Earthlings 
We have the same Mother 
Everything around us 
is our Sister or our Brother. 

From Earthlings Are Us (unreleased)

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Please enjoy our song The Water Waltz and imagine everyone singing it together in harmony.
"I am the Water, You are the Water, We are the Water,
We all are the Water too"

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Singing is Good for You! 

Today's Wild Thought  
 Take yourself for a walk out in Nature and as you walk sing your favourite song as loud as you want.
 If you have the inclination make up your own song.  
When you return home you will…

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First Release

A Brand New Day

The Wild Blueberry Band

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